InProTher is an immunotherapy company dedicated to developing the world’s first adaptive immune therapy capable of targeting immunosuppressive genes of ancient retroviruses that normally are dormant in the human genome. The retroviral genes are reactivated in cancer and essential for tumor development. InProTher’s proprietary combination of novel technologies is designed to break tolerance to this unique antigen family, thus providing broad anti-cancer efficacy.

Industry: Oncology, Immunotherapy

Key USP: Curative cancer therapy and broad immunity

Target: Endogenous retroviruses

Status: Pre-clinical proof-of-concept (in mice and NHPs)

Company: InProTher Aps (limited company), HQ in Copenhagen, Denmark. 10 FTEs.

Current investors: Novo Nordisk Foundation ($2 million) and Danish Innovation Fund ($0.5 million)

Investment opportunity: $15 million Series A in early 2021, to take the company through phase 1b clinical studies

Key Team Members:                               

CEO: Jordi Naval, accomplished biotech CEO with more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur in life sciences.

CSO: Peter Johannes Holst, MD, PhD. Long-standing experience within immunology and has made pivotal discoveries in these fields. Former Ass. Prof. at University of Copenhagen.

CFO: Nicolaj Højer Nielsen, MBA. Serial entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience in bringing innovative products to the market.

CTO: Anne-Marie Andersson, PhD. Expert behind virus-like vaccine platform.

CBO: Mathias Kroll, PhD, MBA. 20+ years of international experience in research and business development in the pharma industry.

Scientific Advisors:

Prof. Akiko Iwasaki (Professor at Yale University, USA, and principal investigator at Howard Hughes Medical Institute, USA)

Prof. Jay Berzofsky (Chief of the Vaccine Branch, National Cancer Institute, USA)

Prof. Martin Gleave (Distinguished Professor at University of British Columbia and co-founder and executive director at Vancouver Prostate Centre)

Prof. Jürgen Becker (Head of TSCR, Essen University Hospital, Germany)

Prof. Per Thor Straten (Director CCIT, Herlev Hospital, Denmark)

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