InProTher is pleased to announce the appointment of Kim Arvid Nielsen, MD, EMBA, as Chief Executive Officer. Coming from a similar position in the Danish biotech company Cytovac, he has highly relevant experience in working with immunotherapies for treatment of cancer. 

Besides his most recent position at Cytovac, Kim Arvid Nielsen has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with more than 25 years from several med-tech corporations. He has held corporate management positions at Basilea Pharmaceutica and Serendex Pharmaceuticals 

“I’m personally very excited to start as CEO in InProTher. It’s an incredible team as well as a unique technology built on a solid, scientific foundation, which is further confirmed by the financial support from both BioInnovation Institute and the Danish state’s investment fund,” says Kim Arvid Nielsen.

Among other things, the new CEO has previously helped different biotech companies with raising funds. At InProTher, this will also be one of his key focus areas. 

“My primary task will be to ensure the long term financing of the company, thus being able to drive the clinical results and create value for patients and shareholders,” says Kim Arvid Nielsen.     

Since InProTher’s former CEO Mathias Kroll decided to move to Australia with his family earlier this year, InProTher’s founder and CSO, Peter J. Holst, has acted as interim CEO. To him, this new appointment is a vital step for the company towards achieving its goals.  

“We’re in a phase where we need to accelerate our business and our research by securing funds and going into the clinical stages. For this, we needed a leader with a very specific profile when it comes to experience, skills, and network,” says Peter J. Holst. 

“For quite some time now, we’ve been looking at Kim as an ideal candidate for this role, so it’s just a fantastic feeling to welcome him on board,” says Peter J. Holst. 

As of April 1st, 2020, the management team consists of CEO Kim Arvid Nielsen, CSO Peter Johannes Holst, CFO Nicolai Højer Nielsen, and CTO Anne-Maria Andersson.