Effective targeting of cancer cells by the patient’s immune system requires the ability to induce a strong, durable immune response directed towards selected antigens present on cancer cells but not on normal, non-cancerous cells. Typical immunogenic cancer targets would be neoantigens, mutated proteins that are perceived as foreign by the immune system.



Endogenous retroviruses are large gene families that have been shown to play a role in the development of cancers. They provide cancers with the capability of evading the local immune system by expressing functional immunosuppressive retroviral envelope proteins. These envelope genes are unfortunately normally poorly immunogenic and are thus not attacked by the immune system.



InProTher’s patented therapeutic system synthesizes retrovirus-like particles in the patient. The envelope proteins are mutated to enhance immunogenicity and potently induce the types of immune responses, which are known to be relevant in cancer (cytotoxic T cells; helper T cells; antibodies).


Once immune responses are induced, we induce compelling efficacy in murine cancer. Animals cured of one type of cancer become immune and resist targeted induction of new and/or different cancers. Inprother’s patented immunotherapy design have furthermore shown to be able to break immune tolerance in non-human primates.



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